Code of Conduct Incident Reporting Disciplinary Actions

Section 1 Code of Conduct

The Lone Jack Athletic Association has the right to remove anyone from any type of league participation for misbehavior that jeopardizes the mission and goals of the league.

The intent of the league is to allow kids to have fun, learn, and gain experience playing baseball or softball. Coaches are expected to encourage good sportsmanship among the players, parents, umpires and each other. Each sport association staff, which includes supervisors and umpires, are to be treated in a respectful manner. Adults should be role models for our participants. It is our intention to provide the participants with a fun and positive environment.

Participants and spectators involved with the Lone Jack Athletic Association are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • No profane or abusive language.
  • Display respect for teammates, opposing teams, coaches, umpires and spectators. This includes no booing, arguing calls or decisions, no confronting coaches or umpires, and cheering must be for your team and not against your opponent.
  • No threatening or aggressive remarks towards umpires, coaches, league officials or fans.
  • Display respect for facilities and equipment.
  • Maintain and exhibit self-control at all practices, games and events.
  • No threatening/inappropriate gestures or body language.
  • No alcohol or drugs at any practice, games, or events.
  • Failure to remove yourself from the program area after you have been asked to leave.

If anyone does not follow the above Code of Conduct and it is felt that they have jeopardized or may jeopardize the positive environment of the league, league officials (board members, town representatives, site supervisors, umpires, etc.) have the authority to remove anyone from the program area. Suspensions from participation or attendance as well as a ban from participation or attendance may also be given after board review. 5

Cheering in a positive fashion, for both sides is highly encouraged. Remember that you are part of a recreational program with fun as the primary emphasis.

Section 2 Protest and Conduct Reporting (Incident Report Form)

Refer to Attachment A for form sample.

Section 3 Disciplinary Actions

The Lone Jack Athletic Association board members shall have the authority to suspend, discharge, or otherwise discipline any player, manager, coach, umpire, league officer, or other person whose conduct is in violation of the rules and regulations of LJAA and these Bylaws, and/or is considered detrimental to the best interest of the Association. Persons subject to disciplinary action shall have the right to a hearing before the League LJAA Board before such discipline is imposed. In the event the discipline procedures involve a player under the age of 18, that player’s parents or legal guardian shall be invited to attend the hearing with the player concerned. Persons, youth or adult, who refuse to comply with the rules of the LJAA., may be considered for disciplinary action. The League may impose one of the following penalties which, in their opinion, seems to match the severity of the offense:

Warning – The offending person is to be advised in writing of the offense and further advised that repetition of the offense shall result in a more severe penalty.

Suspension – The offending person is to be advised in writing that he/she has been suspended from all League activity for a specific number of games or days.

Dismissal – The offending person is to be advised in writing that he/she has been dismissed from the League for the remainder of the season and post season play.

Barred – The offending person is to be advised in writing that he/she has been barred from present and future participation in the League, or for a specific number of years.

This includes situations that warrant, but not limited to any type of law enforcement involvement.

Players, Coaches or Managers:

When a player or coach/manager is ejected from a game, the following procedures will apply:

1. Both umpires and both coaches will inform sports director of the ejected players/coaches/managers full name and team within 24 hours of ejection.

2. Any player, coach, and/or manager ejected from a game will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game”. If the player and/or coach/manager fail to comply, the non-compliant team will subject themselves to forfeit.

3. The head coach will be notified by their sports director of the penalty of the one game suspension.

4. After the 2nd ejection, the player/coach/manager must meet with the board to discuss any disciplinary action that is needed.

Umpires: Will be barred from all association activities from situations that warrant, but not limited to any type of law enforcement involvement.

LJAA League Umpires

A. Two umpires are required for all games. If only one umpire is available, both coaches must agree to proceed. If they don’t the game must be rescheduled. However, if both coaches agree to a person(s) standing in for the umpire(s) who did not arrive, regardless of whom the replacement person(s) is, the game will become official and the final score will stand. The use of one umpire for coach pitch is acceptable if the umpire is 16 years of age or older and must be positioned at home plate.
B. If the umpires assigned to the game do not arrive, the coaches have the option of postponing and rescheduling the game ASAP.
C. Lead umpires shall be 18 years of age or older for games. Secondary umpire shall be 16 years of age or older for games in the
D. Umpires can remove a player from the game if he/she appears injured.
E. Umpire(s) must hold a pre-game meeting before each game. Meeting must consist of any special field rules, who and how time limit is being kept and if game is coach pitch the umpire needs to explain how they will call time. The meeting can be used for coaches to ask rule questions. If the umpire(s) forget to have a pre-game meeting, the coach for either team can ask for one to be conducted.